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Coal Loading 4Keili supplies carbon products from Indonesia, North & South America, Russia, and South Africa.  

The primary areas of operation are coal, Metallurgical and Petroleum Cokes, Specialty Carbon Products, and Recycled Products.

 Thermal Coals Metallurgical Cokes
 Origin: Columbia Origin: Mongolia
 Origin: Indonesia Foundry Coke 
 Origin: South Africa Blast Furnace Coke 
 Metallurgical Coals Petroleum Cokes
 Origin: Russia Fuel Grade
 Origin: Columbia Delayed, Fluid, Flexi
 Anthracite  Iron Ore
 Green Anthracite Bauxite
 Gas and Electric Calcined Alumina


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In the Earth's crust, Aluminum is the most abundant metallic element, second most abundant material after silicon), and the third most abundant of all elements (after oxygen and silicon). » More Info…

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